Not only did their songs dominate throughout 2012, but One Direction almost became as famous for their hair as they did for their Top 40 tunes during their breakout year in the U.S. Each handsome member of the British quintet has their own signature hairstyle that suits their looks and personality, much to the delight of their adoring fans.

We're used to seeing Liam's buzz cut, Louis Tomlinson's sideswept 'do, Niall's spiky hair, Zayn Malik's Greaser coif, and Harry's luscious curls... But what would happen if the guys decided to swap hairdos? We've taken the liberty of placing 1D hairstyles onto unfamiliar heads, and the results are definitely interesting. Check out pictures of Niall with Liam's hair, Harry with Zayn's more, plus more below!