Directioners are certainly a special breed of fans. From hacking into a security camera to watch the riveting footage of Harry Styles hanging out in an airport terminal for a few hours, to analyzing body language in an attempt to uncover a secret romance some believe exists between Harry and Louis, to writing One Direction fan fiction that occasionally lands the odd writer a book deal -- if they really wanted to, the One Direction fandom could probably collectively take down the entire government, Edward Snowden style, based on sheer will alone. But instead they choose to reblog, retweet and repost every bit of information that exists about our five faves, whether factual or invented.

Not that there's anything wrong with obsessing. We remember what it was like to be teenagers -- we're not that old. And we have to hand it to Directioners -- sometimes they come up with the strangest things, especially when it comes to Twitter hashtags.

Here are some of the all-time weirdest One Direction-related hashtags to trend on Twitter ever... well, the PG ones, anyway.


When a photo of Harry Styles taking a shot (of what, we're not sure -- probably apple juice) began circulating the net, Directioners not only took notice, but they made a trending hashtag out of it, and had some truly poignant things to say about the photo.


Zayn recently took to Twitter to answer a question that literally no one asked: Was that a wig he wore for his Edward Scissorhands costume? The answer was a resounding "no," and Zayn thought the information was so pertinent to his fans' well-being, that he felt the need to tweet about it from Little Mix's account when his phone went dead. Naturally, Directioners had it trending within minutes.


Back when the Wanted were a thing, they had an ongoing rivalry with One Direction. Cheap insults were exchanged, fans were pitted against each other and a feud was born. 1D fans soon took to Twitter to prematurely defend One Direction -- naturally by offending the Wanted. Non-1D fans noticed the trend and joined in, the Wanted fans saw the trend and got offended, and things haven't been the same since.


This one is actually nostalgic in nature -- well, as nostalgic as you can get about a band who'd only been in commission, at the time, for two years. When the guys played their now-legendary-amongst-Directioners show at New York City's esteemed, world-famous Madison Square Garden in 2012, fans started this trend as a look at how far they've come. The stairs in question refer to where they were all forced to lump together to film their 'X Factor UK' videos -- before they had any idea they'd be the enormous superstars they are today. It's probably the sweetest thing the fandom has ever trended.


As part of the Directioner induction ritual prior to August 2012, it was revealed that within Liam Payne's body existed one working kidney and one useless kidney. This was a fact widely accept by millions of people. But then one day, Liam let the fandom in on a secret: Just kidding, both his kidneys were in tip top shape, all alcohol was now a-go. Naturally, this news was met with the type of zeal not seen since the Beatles first landed on American soil. Fans began trending the above hashtag, welcoming Liam's kidney to the world.

#HarryDontLickAnything / #HarryWeKnowWhatYouDid

Perhaps the most salacious hashtags on this list, the above are the results of Harry favoriting a pretty raunchy photo on Twitter. Directioners immediately noticed, because they track each band members' every move the way a starving lion tracks an antelope through thickets of brush. Harry realized his mistake a little too late, but quickly covered his tracks by favoriting a bunch of cute animal photos. We all knew it was futile -- as soon as something 1D-related touches the Internet, it's forever engrained in Directioner's minds. Also, archives and screenshots are things that exist online, ensuring no one can ever get away with anything, ever.


When Zayn Malik's hair was unveiled during the 2014 American Music Awards, there was a collective gasp heard around the world. It was a moment, an image, of pure, unbridled beauty and one only successfully replicated one other time -- by Zayn Malik. Again. Fans took to Twitter to talk about that Johnny Depp ala 'Cry Baby' slash Alex Turner-esque hair, even reviving the hashtag again, fairly recently.


There's nothing that gets Directioners going like Niall Horan taking a selfie with his nephew, Theo. Apparently. Once Niall posted a photo of himself holding his newborn nephew on Twitter, all hell broke loose -- fans wanted more, time and time again.


Perhaps the sole hashtag that was made up on a sheer whim, this one is pretty straight forward. Fans were bored, and so they tweeted. Bizarre images followed suit.

Did we miss any of your favorite weird One Direction hashtags? Let us know!

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