"Take One Direction twice a day and call me in the morning."

Okay, that's not exactly a doctor's orders, but according to Irish Independent, a new list compiled by several high-profile U.K. charities and research groups claims that listening to 1D can actually help people age 50 and older live a happier life.

Among other happiness essentials like getting into shape, talking about aging and cutting down on cigarettes and alcohol, putting 'What Makes You Beautiful' on a loop is pretty much key.

"Make sure you aren't missing out and take every opportunity to talk to younger people. Try to get yourself online," the list says (quote via the Irish Indepdendent). "Listen to One Direction (at least once)."

And we have no doubt that playing some 1D can only make you as old as you feel -- just look at the ladies in the band's 'Midnight Memories' video!

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