Directioners, are you ready to scream? One Direction's 'Live While We're Young' song and video have leaked. OMFG, they are both amazeballs.

The song features an insanely catchy hook, where the 1D lads sing "Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun" and "Tonight lets get some / And live while we're young."  There's lots of whoa-oh-oh harmonies, too. Oh, to be young, handsome, talented, rich and in a boy band!

The 1D boys have another hit on their hands with 'Live While We're Young.' They have not tinkered with or strayed from the formula that has served them well  in the past two years. Their signature sound remains in tact and you'll get no complaints from us or Directioners for that. Nice work, gentlemen of 1D.

As for the video? You'd never think that summer is over, since the boys engage in fun activities throughout, playing with water guns and doing exciting, youthful stuff like camping, swimming, playing guitar, running while encased in huge bubble balls and generally looking hot. They also play a game of soccer. Oops, we meant football.

Now that you've heard what we think, we're turning it over to you, Directioners. How much do you love 'Live While We're Young,' both the song and the vid? Don't all shriek at once. Give us a second to cover our ears. Wait for it, wait for it...NOW!