One Direction are getting inked left and right! Except one of them, that is.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik in particular have a love for tattoos. Zayn chatted about his new comic book inspired tat in the November issue of Seventeen, while Harry's got a slew of his own new art. In addition to a pair of comedy and tragedy drama masks, a birdcage and the letters “SMCL” on his upper left rib cage, Harry recently got two small zigzags, a fish skeleton and “99p” on his left wrist and both forearms. Weird, but awesome!

The band all recently got matching screw tattoos on their ankles, sans Niall Horan, who was chastised by his bandmates for it. Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to goad Niall into getting the body art -- and you know Directioners got on him for it, too.

The ink may be a hint to their bad boy pasts -- and considering that Zayn's art is the most visible and he considers himself a "bad boy" (or, as he put it, "misunderstood,"), it fits in his case.

In other ink news, there will be quite a bit of it used on the band -- but not on the band. A huge 1D fan recently inked her own book deal springing from her fan fiction about having not one, but two members of One Direction falling in love with her. Girl, don't be greedy!

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