Brit sensations One Direction stole the show on 'iCarly.' The behind-the-scenes filming of the 'X Factor U.K.' winners' stint on the Nickelodeon hit shows the cast and crew dancing and clapping along to their hit 'What Makes You Beautiful.'

Filmed on Jan. 30, it's a pretty standard performance by the guys, full of their signature melodies and charm. At the end, Harry Styles does a sheepish head shake. Aww!

We reported last month that the 'One Thing' singers would play themselves on the show. The plot outline: Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) returns home after a trip and falls ill. She finds out that One Direction agreed to perform on her web show, however, and is absolutely thrilled! That is, until Styles falls ill and Carly dotes on him. This would be adorable, but she later learns that he faked his sickness for attention. Not cool, Harry! Carly and her crew plan to get Styles back in the group by pretending Gibby is a new member.

Does her scheme work? You'll have to tune into the episode when it airs to find out! One thing we do know: Niall Horan has a crush on a certain Ms. Cosgrove! Think we'll see their chemistry onscreen?

Watch One Direction Perform on 'iCarly'