Admit it -- when you listen to One Direction's 'Steal My Girl,' you sort of wish it was about you. Well, one of the track's writers, Julian Bunetta, revealed that it is ... kinda! Directioners, take a deep breath and allow him to explain.

“There are a few meanings behind it," Bunetta told MTV. "There is the one that speaks to the bigger picture of them and their fans, and there is the one that speaks to the actual person in your life, and that was very intentional. It’s based on everybody’s experience: You have six guys in a room that have all been in love before and we all have jealousy — some are better at hiding it than others, but we don’t like when people hit on our girlfriends.”

However, the tone of 'Steal My Girl' is not meant to be bitter. Rather, it focuses on recognizing when you have something really great. And, yes, Directioners, that also applies to the band's fanbase.

“But it was more of a joyous thing, it just speaks to how happy you are with this person," Bunetta explained. "If you have something great, everyone is going to try and take it from you. And that also speaks to the fanbase, I think, ’cause of other groups [trying to steal the 1D fanbase] … there are a lot of layers.”

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