Actress Emma Roberts introduced One Direction's performance of 'Story of My Life' at the 2013 American Music Awards (Nov. 24) by referring to them as her favorite band.

Millions of Directioners share Roberts' sentiments. But the boys have earned that devotion, dedication and reverence from A-list actresses and their fans and they proved it when they delivered a perfect performance of their latest hit song on a lighted stage. It's not lost on us that the boys form a circle while singing the song live; it shows that they are a team and that they are connected and their unit is unbreakable.

While it's true that this perf was similar to last week's 'X Factor' appearance, it was still unbelievably good. The members of 1D were dressed in shades of black and grey, as has been the case for the 'Midnight Memories' cycle, with the cuts of their jackets, shirts and jeans and the styles of their shoes showing off their unique personal style.

So they were uniform yet unique, which is pretty much how it is with their music.