While no cover of 'MMMBop' can ever come close to Hanson's original (which you can watch here, or here for a seriously swoon-worthy, more updated version) both One Direction and the Vamps have taken stabs at the insanely infectious '90s hit. Whose version is best?

One Direction covered the track at their St. Louis Where We Are Tour stop, and fans didn't hesitate to freak out. Whether it was Liam Payne's ridiculously high falsetto vocals, the hilarious dancing from the rest of the guys, or just a combination of everything, fans couldn't get enough of 1D's take on the smash -- even if they did butcher the lyrics a little bit.

There's no question that the Vamps put a ton of effort into their cover of 'MMMBop,' not only learning all of the arrangements on their own instruments, but also making an entire music video of their rendition. The guys get major props for putting their own unique spin on the tune, which definitely gives it a more hardcore, rocker edge.

Whose cover of 'MMMBop' is best? Cast your vote for One Direction or the Vamps in the poll below!

Watch One Direction Cover 'MMMBop'

Watch the Vamps Cover 'MMMBop'

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