First, it was the Beatles and the Stones, then it was 'N Sync and BSB, and now, the age old boy band rivalry has been reignited in 2012 between One Direction and the Wanted. Both of these British-Irish quintets broke through in the States recently, and ever since they first started out in the U.K. a few years back, there's been a feud slowing building.

Let's start with the positives. Both One Direction and the Wanted have had massive singles in the U.S., with the former rising to fame thanks to 'What Makes You Beautiful,' while the latter hit it big with 'Glad You Came.' Right off the bat, it was apparent that pop fans had two very different groups on their hands, with the wholesome and adorable boys in 1D seeming much more, well, boyish, and the guys from Wanted getting more sexualized with their images and lyrics.

Since skyrocketing to fame, One Direction have become one of the biggest acts in the world, selling out arenas in record time, breaking chart records, making multi-millions off of merch and music sales, and gaining a voracious fan base that rivals that of Justin Bieber. The Wanted haven't had as big of an impact yet, but they have still gained global recognition for their insanely catchy tunes like 'Chasing the Sun' and 'I Found You,' their hilarious antics and YouTube videos, and their manly, party-boy reputations.

With verbal disses and threats being hurled back and forth now, the feud between One Direction and the Wanted has reached an all-time high. So, whose side are you on? Are you a Directioner, or a die-hard Wanted fan? Vote for your favorite boy band below!