Note to One Direction's Zayn Malik: When you have more than six million followers and you begin a tweet by saying "Don't judge me," a few people are probably going to judge you -- especially if you're talking about the latest Chris Brown track.

Malik learned this lesson the hard way on Sunday (Oct. 14), when he told his followers he was enjoying 'Don't Judge Me,' calling it a "big tune" and saying, "love that song." As Oh No They Didn't! points out, Malik's fondness for Brown's music is nothing new -- he covered 'With You' at one point -- but Twitter loves few things more than a Chris Brown controversy, and Malik's fans weren't shy about letting him know they didn't approve of his latest show of support for Team Breezy.

Many of the responses are too, um, colorful to print here, but many of them were summed up succinctly by one fan who responded, "No, definitely judging you." (They also suggested that Malik "listen to more Frank Ocean," which might not be such a bad idea.)

Upsetting as Malik's taste in music might be for some fans, we doubt he'll be spending too much time thinking about all this -- he has a new mansion to move into, after all, as well as preparations for the new One Direction LP, 'Take Me Home,' due out Nov. 12.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Don't Judge Me' Video