When One Direction sang, "You've got that one thing," they weren't kidding. The number one is a thing for the boys and not just because that's the chart position their albums often occupy! 1D's Harry Styles is reportedly working with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

So in this case, the equation is this. 1D + 1R = awesome!

Sources report that Hazza and Tedder, who has been writing separately with Taylor Swift and Adele, are collaborating.

"Harry and Ryan have been working on new material together,” the insider told the Sun. "They’ve met a number of times before with the band but have never worked together properly." The source also said there is a "mutual appreciation" between the two artists. Duh! That's a LOT of talent right there.

The source also claimed that Tedder has the skills to extract the best creative output from Hazza. “If there’s one person to get the best out of Harry, it’s Ryan," they said.

So all of the 1D boys are collaborating with other artists. It's a good thing that's only going to make their individual input into their band that much better. So Directioners, step back off the ledge and don't assume this means a breakup is imminent. As if!

Want proof? Check out some snaps from the rehearsals for the upcoming Where We Are Tour, which is one of the hottest tickets -- if not the hottest ticket -- of the summer tour circuit

During a break, Louis (and his ankles) play football with Liam.

Lovin' Niall's skinnies.

Strumming! Oh, hi Zayn.

We want to say "Oh, hi Liam's guns," but he sorta doesn't have any. So, "Oh, hi Liam's amazing profile and facial scruff." #Handsome.

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