Little Mix cutie Perrie Edwards and One Direction hottie Zayn Malik have been keeping their marriage plans under wraps though they're open about their engagement. But Edwards has opened up a bit about the kind of wedding she wants -- and we bet Mixers and Directioners will be pleased! And for more than one reason.

Why will fans be overjoyed? For one, the couple are putting work first, which means both groups will still tour and record. “I can’t wait to get married and have kids but it’s Little Mix at the minute," Edwards explained. “I want Little Mix to explode and be massive, then I think we’ll all settle down and get married and have kids and stuff like that. It’s going to be lovely, I can’t wait!”

So far sources speculate that the wedding will be at the end of 2014 or early 2015. But where and what kind of wedding is still up in the air.

A source told Metro (via Unreality TV), “She’s torn between having a U.K. [wedding], because all her family are here, and doing something magical and exotic abroad, like Barbados.” Edwards also promised the wedding will be “a massive circus” and “every journalist’s dream.”

Hey Pezza -- you're rich. Why not do one of each?!