Disney must not believe there can ever be too much of a good thing. Case in point: Yet another live-action remake of an animated classic is in the works -- this time, for the movie Pinocchio. 

According to PEOPLE, the movie is still in its early stages, but here's what we do know: This one may be slightly different from the studio's past live-action remakes of CinderellaMaleficent and Alice in Wonderland. It may also be different from its upcoming remakes for Beauty and the Beast, Winnie the Pooh and Mulan, because the Pinocchio remake will reportedly be based off the true origin story. That means the movie may be less similar to the animated film we're all familiar with, and more similar to the 1883 novel by Carlo Collodi called The Adventures of Pinocchio. Full disclosure: We have not read the 19th century novel, so we aren't entirely sure as to the differences between and that 1940 film. Either way, Pinocchio will most definitely be played be a real boy. Because it is going to be a live-action film.

If you're excited by this news because Pinocchio was one of your favorite stories as a child (or adult, we don't judge), then you'll probably be happy to hear Guillermo del Toro is currently working on his own version of the fairy tale, as well. According to Deadline, the director is working on a darker version of Pinocchio, said to be done entirely in stop-motion animation.

As for non-Disney related remakes, it looks like the X Files is coming back to television, Full House may be getting a sequel and a Poltergeist remake will hit theaters later this year. Sadly, She's All That is the one remake that doesn't seem to be happening.