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Are you a dreamer with your head in the stratosphere and a weakness for well crafted electro-pop? You'll likely find a kindred spirit in Eriel Indigo.

The Los Angeles-based artist, who released her Elevate EP on March 30, has drawn apt comparisons to Tove Lo and MØ — but as you'll see in her video for "Wonderland" below, Eriel's in a league of her own when it comes to her artistic vision, melding Eastern mythologies with an intergalactic flair. This mothership has one hell of a soundtrack.

Eriel's latest single, "Every Little Thing," is an earworm with a flirty, ethereal tropical house beat. Like the rest of her recent EP's tracks, densely layered with both synths and metaphysical musings, it's a formidable early contender for summer jam-status. And when she sings that she'll "get you higher than you've ever been," she means it literally, as in: up into the clouds and beyond.

"ELEVATE EP is a piece of my purpose or mission, if you will, and that intention is to raise the vibrational frequency of the mothership Earth," Eriel told PopCrush. "There are also pieces from my own story in this human form, of coming from the light, falling into the darkness and finding my way back to the light.

"More personal Earth life content will be present on the full album GALACTIVATE out later this summer, but with the EP I wanted to try to keep it pretty lofty, since that's really where I prefer to take my brothers and sisters on this awesome little blue starship we've been calling home for a while," she continued."I want to preach to the masses rather than the choir or the music would probably be a lot weirder and harder, hahaha! Sooooo get ready for album number TWO, because I'm not gonna disappear just yet — and next time I'm not going to hold anything back."

Nor would we ever want you to, Eriel. Keep up with the singer's daily transmissions on her Twitter, and listen to "Every Little Thing" and the rest of her brand-new Elevate EP below.

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