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Sometimes the most beautiful things can be born from pain—or rather, from the strength accrued in the aftermath of trauma. On "9 Months," Roxiny allows her pain to gestate and turn into something breathtaking.

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter chronicles a toxic relationship on her latest single, her achy vocal delivery creating a raw, visceral atmosphere emotionally compounded by a soft rainfall of dark synths and bassy reverb.

Listen below:

Written in Brooklyn with fellow indie artist Sheare, "9 Months" serves as a triumphant moment of catharsis for the Dominican singer, punctuating the end of an abusive relationship.

"[The song was] very personal to me. It was brewing inside me for a long time, but I hadn't found the right words and melody to honor that experience," Roxiny shares. "It all came together at my friend Sheare's home studio in Brooklyn. We had an instant, special connection. He started playing this beautiful melody and '9 Months' started pouring out of me, suddenly so easy. We finished writing it in a day."

After taking it to her friend, musician Jonathan Kreinik, the moody electro ballad truly came to life.

"I'll never forget when he started playing those guitars and then the drums! I just kept tearing up and getting chills sitting in that session, watching him adorn her. The song felt like everything I'd felt inside," she says. "When everything comes together just right, it's indescribable, the feeling.

Roxiny's debut EP, Rituals, is due out towards the end of the year.

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