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Some people like to keep up with the Kardashians. But for Johnny Cyrus, that's one massive understatement.

Specifically, it's all about Kylie Jenner.

Based in Wisconsin, the 18-year-old Kylie Jenner super fan has amassed an overwhelming arsenal of all things King Kylie: framed photos, posters, Lip Kits, lollipops, cosmetics and custom T-shirts all line the background of his YouTube videos and fill up the feed on his swiftly-growing Instagram page (69K followers and counting — not too shabby).

He hasn't let geography restrict his obsession, either: Not only has he had the opportunity to share some screen time with the immensely popular member of the Kardashian clan, which she proudly publicized on her super-popular Kylie app last year, but he's even flown to Orlando just to attend her opening of Sugar Factory Orlando last month. (And yes, once they embraced, plenty of selfies were taken together.)

What does Kylie herself make of all hardcore devotion? She's totally down, evidently.

Aside from personally DMing him on Twitter to send him presents, she's featured Johnny several times on her personal social media, including Instagram and Snapchat — and yes, she follows him back.

Much like his idol, however, Johnny's fandom has been met with some pretty harsh criticism. (Look no further than the comment section on some of his Instagram posts.) To that end, he's entirely unbothered: "I'm happy with what I do with my life. I'm a very positive individual. I don't care what anybody thinks of me but myself," he says.

We asked Johnny to chat with us further about his obsession and take us into the life of a Kylie Jenner fanatic. Here's what he had to say.

PopCrush: The first question everyone asks a super fan of anyone: Why is Kylie Jenner your fave?

Johnny: Kylie is just so confident with herself. I love what she stands for and that is...being yourself.

When did you first become a fan of Kylie?

When she started making her Keeks. That’s when I first started to notice her.

She's obviously well aware of you! What do you think the media/outside world doesn't know about Kylie that you know from talking to her?

That she is actually a really caring person! She does things that most people wouldn’t do!

She's sent you gifts. Can you talk about how that happened?

She private messaged me on Twitter asking for my address and I gave her it, and she sent me a gift. ;)

Obviously Kylie isn't an actress or a singer (yet, anyway!), so she doesn't have movies or music to listen to. What ways do you engage with her?

She’s just a friendly person...I guess the best way is through her cosmetics line. I love to order them and wait to get them in the mail, then I take that iconic selfie wearing whatever shade it is, and I post it to my Instagram.

Are you friendly with other Kylie fans, and if so, what is the Kylie fan community like?

Yes, I’m friends with a lot of Kylie fans! They’re honestly so sweet, they look for her best interests.

How many selfies do you have with Kylie at this point?

Well we took 4 of them in Orlando together, and then we took the professional photo together as well. But I met her two previous times but we didn’t get to take a picture together. :(

What's the greatest length you've gone to see Kylie IRL?

Haha, I flew to Orlando, FL just to support her at the Grand Opening of Sugar Factory. I live in Milwaukee, WI so it was a pretty neat experience.

Tell us about your Kylie tattoos. Why those designs in particularly? Did you face any backlash for getting them and are you happy with how they came out?

Well the first one I got was the crown with the K under it to stand for King Kylie. I saw that Kylie [got] tattooed [by] Bang Bang who is a famous tattoo artist in NYC, and I saw that she did that design and I knew right away that that's what I wanted. The next tattoo is the Lip Kit logo on the box (the lips). As soon as I saw it, I was like 'I need this as a tattoo. The design is so dope that it would look so cool as a tattoo!!!' The last one I got was Kylie’s Lip Kit swatches, I knew I was getting these as soon as the original three colors dropped. I just didn’t know how I was going to pull it off.

Your walls look like they're plastered with Kylie photos, and you wear a ton of Kylie shirts too. Do you have a shrine of merch at this point?

They were covered. I’m in the middle of updating a lot of the photos so my room is kind slacking with Kylie pictures right now! I have about 10 Kylie shirts, I haven’t wore a couple of them yet cause I’m saving them for the next Kylie event which I hope is soon!

How do you react when you see Kylie update with a new photo or look? Walk us through that moment.

It's actually really funny, 'cause when I see Kylie post a new look, I text the person the designs most of my Kylie shirts for me and tell them to try to get me the best looking design with this look.

What would you do if Kylie ever unfollowed?

Thats a very good question! lol, I most likely would just ask why, and see if she would respond.

What's your favorite Kylie look of all time?

Oh god, favorite look of ALL time…I guess it would have to be the Sugar Factory NYC look, or when she did the Bellami Hair event with the half black half blue. That was so dope.

Do you think there are any boundaries that fans of celebrities like Kylie absolutely shouldn't cross?

I would say don’t force yourself at them, like don’t beg to take a picture. She already has enough cameras in her face, she doesn’t need another person pushing her for a photo. Just ask politely.

What do you think of her relationship with Tyga?

I support her and Tyga 110%!

Did you have a pre-Kylie idol?

Yes haha. When I was growing up and realizing I was gay was when Lady Gaga was a really big ICON for the LBGT community, so I loved what she stood for and her music was amazing.

Who else do you idolize, if anyone else?

Miley Cyrus, she’s my favorite artist of ALL time, shes such an amazing performer and knows how to put on a show!!

As far as life goals in general, what do you envision for yourself in the future?

I want to move out of Wisconsin, just don’t know where yet.

And what do you hope for Kylie to do in the future?

I can’t wait to see her Cosmetic line grow, its gonna take over this world ;)

Any final thoughts for people who may question why you're a Kylie fan?

I just question why people hate on me for getting these tattoos, It’s like no different than someone getting a Family Guy tattoo, Star Wars, or like anything in that matter. I don’t see the differences.

For more from Johnny, check him out on Instagram and YouTube.

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