Katy Perry is living the single life again! Even though she's still dealing with a lot of heartache over her split with Russell Brand, we have come up with a list of potential bachelors that could be good matches for Perry in the future. There's plenty of single men for the beautiful 'Firework' songstress to choose from in the entertainment industry, including athletes, actors and fellow musicians.

First up is the dreamy and musically-gifted Joseph Gordon-Levitt, followed by the always adorable 'Grenade' singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. Nice guy Jake Gyllenhaal is another good match for Perry, and devout Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow would surely please Katy's religious family. However, if she wants more of  bad boy, 'Transformers' star Shia LaBeouf is still on the market!

Drizzy Drake could romance Ms. Perry with his smooth vocals, and the very sexy James Franco could charm Perry with his wit and heart-melting smile. Ryan Gosling is also a great fit, since he's gorgeous and kind-hearted, loves music and is kind of a quirky weirdo like Perry herself. Rounding out our list of these 10 bachelors are 'Gossip Girl' dreamboat Penn Badgley and sizzling New York Jets quarterback/fellow Californian Mark Sanchez.

Out of these 10 bachelors, who do you think would make the best boyfriend for Katy Perry? Vote below!