Raven-Symone might have previously had psychic power on her side, but the art of correctly counting appears to have eluded her.

The brand new View co-host, who'd like for Beyonce to put some pants on thankyouverymuch, sat down with Us Magazine recently for a "25 Things About Me!" segment that includes eight things. Most of the eight things are strange. Let's begin!

If Raven-Symone could meet any dead person, she would meet Napoleon Bonaparte, she says in the video above. "I love him. That's it," she remarks of the 19th century French Emperor. Okay!

Another of Raven-Symone's 25 (eight) things you may have not have known about her: Raven-Symone's guilty pleasure is buying gold bars for superior Candy Crush play. "My guilty pleasure is buying extra gold bars on Candy Crush," she observes. Is this a safari? Because things are getting WILD!

Also, Raven-Symone often considers singing the theme song to That's So Raven with you when you strike up the tune while passing her on the street, but she will not say "Snap!" or "You nasty!" — two of her more popular catch phrases from the show — unless you pay her.

Finally, Raven-Symone admits that denying she's "African American" and is, instead, simply "American," offended "Black Twitter" just like Oprah (who she says is like her "rich aunt") warned her it would. "She was right," Raven-Symone reflects.

This has been some of the eight, err 25 things offered as part of Raven-Symone's "25 Things About Me!"

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