Maybe there is something to those pesky, percolating and pervasive rumors of the secret relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown, thanks to some strong and convincing photographic evidence indicating that that they are rendezvousing in St. Tropez. The rumors won't quit and they're likely to shift into overdrive now.

Why? Well, RiRi tweeted photos of herself on vacation, meeting NBA legend Magic Johnson on Saturday (July 21). Then today (July 23), Breezy tweeted a photo of himself with Magic, too. Where there's smoke…

Magic apparently met up with RiRi on a yacht over the weekend and they exchanged Twitter pleasantries after the fact, as well.

Then, rapper Ludacris tweeted that he was heading to St. Tropez, as well. A few hours later, on July 22, Breezy tweeted a few expletives about accompany Luda on holiday. He posted: "This n---- Luda flying the damn helicopter! I'm s----ing bricks right now." Then he shared: "Landed on the boat."

A few minutes later, Ri tweeted: "Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit," which sounds like a reference to Brown landing. You don't need a brick to hit you on the head to figure that one out. This all feels like way more than coincidence.

But the most telling evidence? Brown sharing a photo and his joy at meeting Magic today, tweeting: "Magic happening!!!"

Sure, he's captioning how he feels about making the acquaintance of the hoops legend in the photo, but the real magic is likely happening with the woman he can't stay away from and who cannot stay away from him: Rihanna.

She did share, in her Harper's Bazaar cover story, that she never loved anyone as deeply as Brown and when they split, it rocked her world to its very core.

It sure looks like RiRi and Breezy are together and don't care who knows about it. Tweeting is not exactly a way to keep your secret romance classified.

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