Style chameleon Rihanna has made another hair transformation. Though she rocked blonde for a bit, she's back to the color drawing board. What shade did she choose this time?

Jet black! Perhaps inspired by her 'Princess of China' looks, RiRi went back to the same raven hue as her 'Umbrella' days -- but with a twist. She shaved one of the sides of her head! Is she taking a cue from Kesha, maybe?

In the new shots, RiRi is fully clothed, but still manages to look a bit racy. In one shot, her hand is dangerously close to her privates, and she dons red animal print pants and a Rolling Stones tee. Her bright red lipstick matches her jeans, which she accessorizes with fierce black heels, hoop earrings and a simple bracelet.

In another black and white shot, she blows smoke seductively at the camera, similar to her cover image for 'Talk That Talk.'

Her black hair looks great -- heck, any color would look amazing on RiRi -- but it's not her favorite shade yet. “Navy blue is my color right now,” said in a recent interview about her dream hair color. “Not any blue, not the punk blue. I have yet to see the right one. It does not exist yet!”