Despite slaying the charts with her 11th No. 1 single, Rihanna has managed to stay grounded as the dollars roll in. The latest evidence? In a charming show of humility (not to mention a brilliant PR move), Queen RiRi rode the tube to her own concert in London at the O2 Arena -- and though we saw pictures of the results a few weeks back, seeing the video in full as part of her 'Talk That Talk' webisode series is pretty darn cute.

"I've always wanted to do this," she tells the camera as she heads down the escalator into the London underground subway system. On the train, she snaps pictures with fans, signs autographs, and chats with a few members of the Rihanna Navy.

"I'm chilling with Rihanna!" one girl squeals, to which Rihanna replies, "I'm chilling with you." It's a good thing we weren't riding that train, because they would have had to stretcher us off into an ambulance, literally dead from excitement.

In all seriousness, though, even as a marketing ploy, the video is a testament to how utterly likable Rihanna is — and the fact that she takes the time out to hang with her fans is just one more reason why she's one of the top artists in the game.

Watch Rihanna Ride the London Tube

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