Here's some news that'll make Rihanna feel better. Proving that she's more than equipped to teach 'Rockstar 101,' Rihanna scored her 11th No. 1 hit. Her soaring dance song, 'We Found Love' shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. While that's a proud feat in itself, check out whose record she crushed and who her only competition is.

'We Found Love' is Rihanna's 20th Top 10 hit -- and she racked those hits up faster than any other solo artist. RiRi beat Madonna’s record by five months.

It doesn't stop there. In terms of spawning hits in short time spans, Rihanna is second only to ... The BEATLES! RiRi is also only the fifth woman to earn 20 Top 10 hits to date, joining the ranks of Madonna (with 37 top 10 hits), Whitney Houston (23), Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey (each with 27).

In addition to chart records, Rihanna is also demonstrating popularity through social media. She's the most searched pop star on the Internet and currently has 46 million Facebook fans (more than any other artist), over 1 billion YouTube views and 9 million Twitter followers. Rihanna also holds a U.K. record for most No. 1 singles in consecutive years.

If Rihanna keeps pumping out hits with hooks like 'We Found Love' (which, if she works with Dr. Luke, she will), she'll be on the fast track to shatter more records -- and set some of her own. We bet she'll drink to that -- even if she probably shouldn't.