Rihanna has entered the ranks of serious tattoo collectors, it seems.

She hit up Bang Bang, her fave ink haunt, in NYC this weekend to get a new tattoo on her hand and arm -- we think. We can't tell if it's new or if it's an addition to the intricate hand tattoo she has been working on.

What we do know is that it's very big.

Bang Bang posted the photo on Instagram, with the simple caption: "I love tattooing @badgalriri."

See it below! It looks like either a new tattoo or it's a mashup with her previously existing Maori hand tattoo, which she started in New Zealand and then embellished, thanks to the folks at Bang Bang, who packed up their needles and colors and traveled to the Dominican Republic to work on her paw this past fall.

This piece is very smoky and shaded, and it appears to be on her wrist and arm, based on the two images in the Instagram photo. The photo has her Maori hand tattoo in the background and a new one in the foreground -- but it doesn't look like a split, before-and-after image, so we're wondering if it's a new body part. But notice some of the details in both pieces look similar. Hmm...

We're going to pretty much deem RiRi an ink addict. She loves her tattoos and keeps getting more. Her body art is like a permanent accessory for her.

PopCrushers and the Navy, what do you think of RiRi's new tattoo? Do you love it or do you think she is going overboard with all this skin decoration?