Rihanna posed in one of the Stella McCartney-designed Red Nose Day t-shirts. So she wasn’t topless -- for once. But she did go bottomless. That's our girl. Even when she's posing for charity, Rihanna oozes sex appeal like it's lava.

The crisp white tee features the icon that is Marilyn Monroe, smiling and all glammed out in red lipstick and dripping in (shine bright like) diamonds, with a pair of nerdy black glasses and a big red nose added to her visage. It's the additions that make it an RND charity item, obvs!

RiRi is looking up and off to the side, all sorts of serious, as if she was about to post this shot on Instagram and rile up her mother, who was reportedly miffed at her birthday suit portfolio.

Stella McCartney's official Twitter feed shared the image, thanking RiRi for her support of the charity design.

"Thank you @Rihanna for supporting @rednoseday! You're the best x Stella."

Rihanna is showing some thigh and apparently, that headlight is supposedly pierced. You can see something protruding from the top.

It is a cool shirt, though!

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