Perhaps in an effort to keep up with the phucks-free ANTI goddess, you've already invested in that $35 Hillary Clinton-in-a-fitted-Yankees-hat TRAPVILLA tee that Rihanna wore on the streets in New York City back in October.

Sorry to say, but you're too late, you're fading away: Rih's moved onto a new shirt...of the paparazzi photo of her wearing that shirt.

Today on Election Day (Nov. 8), the "Needed Me" pop icon returned to the set of Ocean Eight in Brooklyn — co-starring Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock — proudly flaunting her incredible new purchase.

"I'm with her. And her," the (new) shirt proclaims.

Rihanna also logged onto Instagram to post a selfie in the aforementioned shirt today, just to rih-lly drive the point home that she's #WithHer: "#VOTE bih," she captioned the post.

The Barbados-born singer can't actually vote here, and yet, she's been spreading the word to vote for longer than some of her equally popular, U.S.-born pop contemporaries.

“I can’t vote, so ya’ll gotta do that for me...Hillary didn’t pay me to say that, I promise," she told a concert crowd in September.

Stand by for an inevitable paparazzi shot from the set of Ocean Eight in December, in which Rih's wearing a shirt of the Instagram photo of the paparazzi photo of herself wearing the Hillary Clinton shirt. It's inception, RiRi style.

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