With over 92.9 million followers on Instagram and 81.6 million followers on Twitter, Taylor Swift commands one of the biggest audiences across social media. Accordingly, then, many hoped that the 1989 singer-songwriter would weigh in on the U.S. presidential election — and she did, finally, today (Nov. 8) on Election Day.

But, as opposed to many of her contemporaries in music — such as Beyoncé and Katy Perry campaigning for Hillary Clinton, and acts like Loretta Lynn and Wayne Newton backing Donald Trump — Taylor chose not to make a presidential endorsement on social media, instead simply encouraging her followers to vote in general.

"Today is the day. Go out and VOTE 🇺🇸," she captioned a photo of herself standing in a voters line.

Taylor's generated headlines over the past few months for her radio silence regarding this year's election in general. But today, she's finally said something: "Vote." (For what it's worth, the comments section on her Instagram is now filling up rapidly with cries of both "Hillary!" and "Trump!")

And there you have it: she's got a blank ballot, baby — and she'll vote for...a name.

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