In Taylor Swift's final listening session with Grammy Pro, a three-part segment in which she detailed the songwriting process behind some of her tracks off 1989, Taylor spoke about the inspiration behind "Clean," and how dealing with heartbreak is actually a lot like overcoming addiction.

"It was this idea when you get your heart broken or you lose someone from your life or when you’re trying to recover from a heartbreak, it’s almost like the same kind of struggle that someone goes through trying to beat addiction," she said. "It’s not one habit you’re breaking. It’s every single minute of the day you’re breaking a habit, and it’s exhausting."

Taylor continued, saying the idea for "Clean" came to her in the form of an analogy: "I had this metaphor in my head of being in this house and there’s been a drought but you feel like there’s a storm coming and so instead of trying to block out the storm, you punch a hole in the roof and just let all the rain come in, and when you wake up in the morning, it’s washed away everything that used to hurt you and then you’re clean."

Taylor also spoke about the thought process behind her hit single "Shake It Off," a song in which she insists those sweeping generalizations and blatant falsities people say about her in the press (and elsewhere) no longer bother her. Sure.

She said, "I’m very well aware of what everyone says about me, every single thing. The difference between now and three years go is that I honestly don’t care anymore. And life is much better that way, and I kind of wanted to write something that sounded like the way I feel about all that but the problem was I had all these lyrics and a writing session was coming up but I did not have a melody."

Taylor did have an idea, though. She said, "I was like, 'Guys, I have an idea that’s lyric and I know the vibe I want. I want it to start off and the second the song starts I want it to be like if it’s played at a wedding and there's this one girl who hasn’t danced all night at the reception, her friends come over to her and they're like, 'You have to dance! Come on, you have to dance on this one!' That's what I wanted."

You can check out the full video over at the Grammy Pro website.

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