Considering how eager all of us are to get new music from Rihanna, it should come as no surprise that even a possible leak of material is enough to get us excited. So when it looked like a new song, titled 'World Peace,' came out -- with vocals that sound undeniably like Rihanna -- it was only natural that the Internet totally freaked out.

It's a super catchy song perfect for a night out, which is kind of Rihanna's forte, so if it is a track off her upcoming album we're definitely not complaining. There's been no confirmation either way, so we can't say without a doubt that it's a new track, but it does get us totally stoked for new material from her anyway.

You can check out the song in the video posted above and let us know what you think! Does it sound like Rihanna or are we all completely off? How excited are you for Rihanna's return after what feels like an unbearably long, two year absence!? We want to know!

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