Romeo Testa first inspired us with his uplifting cover of For King and Country’s ‘Light It Up' in a 7UP commercial, and his latest video proves he's staying on our radar!

'Still Misunderstood' is a stripped-down ballad showcasing equal parts piano, guitar and Romeo's flawless voice. It's raw, emotional and filed with energy. In short, we're obsessed.

"You're doing what you can / But you've done more than you should / You do more good than bad / But you're still, you're still misunderstood," he sings.

Behind Romeo's incredible vocals is an even more powerful message.

"'Still Misunderstood' is one of the most personal songs I've ever written," Roméo told Billboard. "It's for the people who have been bullied or made to feel like an outcast. It's to let people know that there are other people who can relate and understand their struggles."

Watch Romeo Testa's breathtaking performance of 'Still Misunderstood' in the video above!