In 7UP’s latest commercial, the soft drink is aiming for a montage of feel-good moments to create a warm, happy feeling — and they hit the mark. It’s hard not to feel nostalgic watching a series of fun, sweet, momentous life occasions emblazoned with short inspirational captions. A young girl dancing with her dad at her quinceañera is inscribed with “Grow Up.” A charity team constructing a house is titled “Build Up.” A man proposing to a woman is headed “Step Up.” So what is the moving track playing in the commercial?

The song is up-and-comer Roméo Testa’s cover of For King and Country’s ‘Light It Up,’ a fitting choice for the 7UP ‘UP Anthem.’ The Californian’s debut EP, ‘The End,’ features six soul-infused songs, including the 7UP feature.

“The song feels like it was written for me,” the 18-year-old singer says on his website. “I felt in tune with the part about letting go of your inhibitions, know it’s going to be okay because you have people who love you.”

It sounds like Roméo is the perfect rep for 7UP's feel-good idea — he totally gets it. You can purchase 'Light It Up' here: