'The Mickey Mouse Club' was full of great things, like early '90s Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and pre-'Felicity' Keri Russell. But in a vintage video that has recently gained momentum, we've discovered that the absolute best thing about the show was this amazing clip of JC Chasez giving Ryan Gosling acting advice.

JC addresses the camera, reading a letter from a fan when a young Ryan bursts in, basketball in hand. After apologizing for the interruption (gotta love those Canadian manners), JC tells Ryan he would actually be interested in the letter, which asks the cast how they deal with nerves in front of the camera.

Innocent Ryan asks the future boy bander (and future 'Jesus Christ Superstar' performer) if he ever gets nervous, and JC responds, "Well, yeah, I mean I get nervous every now and then, especially when I'm acting."

"What do you do?" the wide-eyed star asks.

"I like to use the nervousness as an adrenaline," JC reveals. "I like to play off the audience a lot; I think they bring out the performance in me."

"Yeah, man, so that's cool," the future Academy Award-nominated actor says. "I'll try that."

"Oh, and another thing I do is a whole bunch of tongue twisters right before I go out, to enunciate and stuff like that and to loosen up my mouth," JC reveals, before giving Ryan the age-old tongue twister, 'Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers,' to test out.

Watch the clip above!