If you recently tried putting together a playlist of the saddest songs imaginable so you can lie in bed and stew in your own misery for a while, look no further than the majority of Sam Smith's discography. It may sound like some kind of thinly veiled insult, but believe us -- there's nothing like a quality downer to loosen those pent-up emotions. Did that boy you're head-over-heels for stop texting you? Suffer the loss of someone you love? Did you fall down a flight of subway stairs and straight into a pile of vomit? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, fear not -- Sam will always be here to commiserate.

And his latest music video for 'Lay Me Down' is no exception. The video starts off at the funeral of someone who was clearly very dear to Sam, and the pews are full of people in mourning. The lyrics, "Can I lay by your side / Next to you, you / And make sure you're alright / I'll take care of you / I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight" are insanely sad. If that doesn't make you weep, the next part probably will.

The scene flashes to a wedding that took place in the same church -- and the viewer comes to realize the deceased was once Sam's husband. The juxtaposition of the immensely sad with the insanely happy is almost too much to bear. If you want to cry for a long time, we could not recommend this video (and song) more highly.