Sam Smith posted a photo on Instagram today (July 20) showcasing a pretty nasty sunburn covering the top quarter of his body.

He noted his resemblance to one-time Simpsons character, Pinchy the lobster, captioning his photo with, "My sun burn is SO BAD...Lobster viiiiiiiibes...Just had to make this top to give it some air hahhaaaaa Lord."

Fans, ever helpful, offered Sam an array of remedies in how to most effectively deal with a sunburn of such magnitude and, we can only assume, immense pain. While many suggest he buy one of those huge tubs of Aloe Vera from his local drugstore, we would like to offer something even more helpful than that.

Sam, if you're reading this, first of all In the Lonely Hour is phenomenal and second of all, buy an aloe plant. There's nothing that soothes a sunburn faster than that clear goop in its purest form, scooped right out of the leaf. Depending on your location, you may be able to pluck it directly from its natural habitat, but we do not condone this as your local wildlife organizations may take issue with your disrupting the eco-system.

While sunburns are undoubtedly terrible, Sam has enough good in his life at the moment that he can probably look past the temporary pain. He recently landed a campaign with fashion house Balenciaga, for which he shot both photos and video. On top of that, his vocal cords are healthy and working again, ensuring he can get back to singing songs that let you know it's perfectly fine to revel in your sadness, at least for a little while.

Do you have any suggestions for Sam and how he can more quickly ease the pain of a sunburn? The more unorthodox the better!