Has Sam Smith listened to Radiohead's #Spectre theme song...Has SAM SMITH listened to Radiohead's "Spectre" theme song? #GoldenGlobes

Posted by Variety on Monday, January 11, 2016

Despite longstanding rumors that Radiohead would compose the theme song for the latest James Bond release, Spectre, that privilege went to fellow performer Sam Smith instead. But worry not, because Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke decided to release the band's Spectre track as a gift to fans anyway, posting it online via SoundCloud on Christmas Day. This, apparently, did not sit well with Smith, who not only has yet to hear the song, but might not even know who Yorke is.

During a Golden Globes press conference (Smith won the award for Best Original Song for "Writing's on the Wall") a reporter asked the singer whether or not he'd been blindsided by Yorke's decision to go ahead and release Radiohead’s own prospective theme online.

A clearly confused Smith responded, “Thom Yorke?” indicating he'd either forgotten who the iconic musician was for a split second or -- even worse -- had no clue who he was at all. Luckily, Smith's co-writer Jimmy Napes jumped in, whispering “Radiohead” to Smith as subtly a possible.

This sparked some recognition in the "Stay With Me" singer, who then answered the reporter's question with a slightly defensive, “Was I shocked? Yeah, I was a little bit surprised, not going to lie a little bit surprised. But I haven’t actually listened to it, personally, because I did the Spectre theme song.” (The emphasis here was most certainly placed on the "I.")

Check out Variety's video above to see Smith's full response to the reporter.