Well, Santigold, tell us how you really feel!

In her new video for 'Big Mouth,' rapper Santigold minces no words nor images. Her latest clip is a trippy cartoon set to tribal beats and rapid fire rhymes. While the video opens in a sunny animated desert, plenty of shade gets thrown later on.

The desert gives way to a rainy city scape. It eventually floods and drags the viewer to the bottom of the ocean. Sounds pleasant enough, right? That is, until Santigold sings, "Ga ga ga, all slightly off / Not me, I'll take the loss" -- and  a cartoon clearly of Lady Gaga in her mermaid regalia appears ... And gets eaten by a tiger. (Yes, there's a tiger in the ocean. No, we don't know how it breathed underwater.)

Soon, the viewer is literally swallowed by a cartoon, well, big mouth and taken into a house, then into a rudimentary drawing of the solar system. The astronomical images fade and we're presented with
another cartoon clearly meant to be 'California Gurls' era Katy Perry. The character has blue hair and rests nude (but with heels) on a cloud,  mouthing "Blah blah blah, literally" into a cell phone. To further drive the identity home, when the camera pans out, the cartoon Perry is petting a cat that's saying "T.G.I.F." Cold, Santigold!

While Santigold hasn't expressed beef with Mother Monster or Perry previously, she has taken shots at pop stars in general. “I’m really hands-on with everything,” she told V Magazine, pointing out that controlling her own career “is the difference between an artist and a plain pop star.” Ouch!

We guess we know who she was referring to now. Santigold fans will likely say she was simply making a point about her art and the state of the music industry, while her detractors will accuse her of just trying to get attention. Either way, it's clearly successful.

Watch the Santigold 'Big Mouth' Video