Two of the young actors from the Jack Black-starring 2003 comedy School of Rock have now grown up and are apparently dating in real life. Brought to attention by a TikTok fan's "massive IG scroll" into the history of the film, it was uncovered that Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli, who were part of the class featured in the flick, apparently reconnected years later, and appear to have been a couple for some time now.

In the film, down on his luck musician Dewey Finn (Jack Black) fraudulently accepts a job as a substitute teacher at a prep school and quickly turns the class into an education in rock 'n' roll for his young students.

Hale played Marta, one of a trio of backing singers for the child-centric band, while Angelo played Frankie, who was tasked with security in the film. The two child actors have participated in reunions of the cast over the years and appear to have been a couple since 2018, according to Pop Sugar. Revisit the film's original trailer to refresh your memory.

Angelo's other credits include appearances in HBO's The Sopranos and the film Stuart Little 2. Hale, meanwhile, looks to have reclaimed the acting bug with two projects announced within the last few months according to IMDB. But for both of the child stars, recent years have been spent with other pursuits.

The pair reside in New York City where Caitlin is an OBGYN ultrasound technologist and Angelo graduated from law school. You can see some graduation photos for both amidst their Instagram postings below.

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