Selena Gomez revealed some good news immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday. The teen queen shared the fact that her mother Mandy Teefey is pregnant, so Sel is going to be a big sister!

Gomez tweeted: "Momma and Brian are finally letting me share the news... My mommys carrying my baby brother or sister :)" The singer, 19, also included a black and white photo of her mother and stepfather Brian Teefey cradling mom's expanding belly with her revelatory tweet. Teefey and Gomez's father have been divorced since the star was 5.

Gomez actually got some practice being a big sis in last year's little seen family film 'Ramona and Beezus,' where she dealt with the antics of a precocious little sister. She is even building up her nurturing skills with her new pup, who recently had surgery after accidentally ingesting some rocks.

Congrats to Selena Gomez and her family on their upcoming bundle of joy! In other positive news, the judge extended the temporary restraining order against the mentally disturbed stalker who said he had spoken to God about killing Gomez.