When Selena Gomez sang, "It's a mad, mad world / Gotta make an escape" in her single 'Hit the Lights,' she may have been talking about the world she shares with her stalker. Fortunately, the teen pop phenom got her restraining order extended.

Gomez originally filed the protective order against her stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, in October following some pretty terrifying death threats.

E! Online reports that Brodnicki, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, failed to appear in court to argue against the restraining order -- because Brodnicki remains in a 5150 psychiatric hold at a Los Angeles hospital.

While this is certainly good news for Gomez, it may be short-lived because of legal and constitutional implications. The judge in the case, William Stewart, worried that Brodnicki's inability to appear in court to defend his case might deny him his right of due process -- an integral part of the 14th Amendment.

"It's a basic due process right and the court isn't satisfied as he has been granted that right," Stewart told E.

The 'Monte Carlo' starlet's attorney, Blair Berk, attempted to get a three-year restraining order approved, claiming that Brodnicki had numerous chances to request a continuance. Judge Stewart, however, simply extended the temporary restraining order until a Jan. 6 hearing.

The only thing scarier than Brodnicki's death threats is Gomez's holiday wax figure, so here's hoping the restraining order sticks.