Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are "officially" back on. (Take that ChRihanna!) However, there is a "but." (There's always a but!) Sources say they are said to be in a trial relationship so they can test the waters and take it slow to avoid a repeat of past mistakes.

An insider revealed the status of the pair to Hollywood Life, saying that they have fully reunited but that they are treading lightly, one step at a time, to make sure that being together is what each of them truly wants.

"Justin and Selena are dating but they are taking things slow," the source shared. "Selena is keeping her heart from being broken, so she is definitely looking at this as a trial period in their relationship. She’s definitely taking [baby] steps back."

Gomez did reveal in her InStyle cover that she penned a breakup song about their split, and the author of that feature suggested that the song indicates that it wasn't Gomez's choice to end the romance or that she was forced to exit the relationship because he didn't leave her with any other option.

Since then, they've been seen together in Instagram pics. Then her bestie Taylor Swift expressed her disgust at the pleasantries they exchanged at the Billboard Music Awards a week ago.

So. Much. Drama. In. Jelenaville.

It sounds as though Sel is the one who is carefully approaching the renewed romance, and proceeding with caution. The insider said, "When they first started to date, it was amazing but they were too young and it was too much. They didn’t even know what love was and she got all mixed up."

Well, there's always second chances. Let's hope that The Biebs doesn't mess up his second chance with Sel.