Potential collaborations are everywhere! Selena Gomez hinted that she and BFF Taylor Swift would love to work together in the future, while Miley Cyrus tweeted that she wrote a song for Ariana Grande.

Our heads are spinning from all of this star power! Which of these maybe-collaborations would you prefer to hear?

Selena and Taylor both have high-profile romances on their resumes and references to said relationships in their songs. We imagine a Sel/ Swiftie duet would be a full-on, girl power anthem. Think the sultriness of 'Come and Get It' mixed with the catchiness of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

Miley and Ariana, on the other hand, can both belt it like no other. Although they take their music in two verrrry different directions, we think this a perfect example of opposites attracting. Miley would bring some edge to the partnership, while Ariana has an elegance that would keep things from going over the top. It would be all of the emotion in 'Wrecking Ball' with the pure pop flavor of 'Baby I.'

Which of these duos do you want on your iPod? Vote for your favorite potential collaboration in the poll below!