Good news for Selena Gomez! The teen queen's temporary restraining order against stalker Thomas Brodnicki has been extended by another three years. The temporary order, put in place when Brodnicki failed to show up at Nov. 23 hearing, expired today, Jan. 6.

According to WENN, Superior Court Judge William D. Stewart upped the restraining order for another 36 months to keep Gomez safe and sound and out of harm's way.

By all accounts, Brodnicki, 46, posed a serious danger to Gomez -- despite the fact that felony stalking charges were dismissed when a judge ruled that there was lack of evidence to support Brodnicki's claims that he would carry out his threats to kill the singer, 19.

Remember, he told his therapist that he had a conversation with God and killing Gomez was the topic. Yikes! He also traveled to Los Angeles all the way from Chicago in a bid to meet the star. Brodnicki himself even claimed that he was a threat to the singer's safety, but the judge dismissed the charges as he was viewing the situation through a purely legal lens.

How scary, creepy and terrifying all at once. Poor Sel! At least she can put this behind her and move forward with her life knowing Brodnicki can't come near her for at least 36 months!