The adorably sweet Selena Gomez was featured in a VEVO interview recently, where she talks about a variety of topics, from her songwriting process to her upcoming summer tour with the Scene. A couple of highlights from the sit-down interview were when Gomez shared the inspiration behind her latest single 'Who Says,' and who her biggest musical influences are.

When asked about her song 'Who Says,' Gomez went on to explain why that song is the "most meaningful song that [she has] ever recorded." Gomez tells VEVO, "The message is extremely positive and it has a a lot of heart and it inspired me when I heard it. Priscilla Renee who wrote the song told me a story about the inspiration she wrote for the bridge.'"

"There is [the line] 'who says you're not star potential / who says you're not presidential,'" Gomez continues. "When President Obama was elected as our president, there was a huge news thing that they were doing and they asked a little boy what it meant for him that Obama was president and he looked into the camera and he said, 'Because that means I can be president one day.' And when she was telling me that story, it kinda just made me reflect on my fans and when they tell me they want to be a singer or be on Disney channel. It just felt like it was such an empowering feeling."

Bieber's GF also went on to chat about which artists have had a big impact on her life. "Most recently, I am obsessed with Bruno Mars. He inspires me in everything he does. His style of music, his style in general, the way he performs, the way he carries himself. I just think he's a really strong artist. I'm very excited he's getting all of the recognition he deserves."

However, Gomez is also inspired by two very specific female artists from two very different times. "I love Ella Fitzgerald, [she's] my favorite singer ever. So she inspires me because she's got such a beautiful voice and she doesn't really add a bunch of things -- well she can't because that was a long time ago," Gomez says. "But she didn't have Auto-Tune, she didn't have any of it, so it was just the voice and I loved that, it was very powerful. And then there are artists like Katy Perry, who isn't afraid to be herself onstage."

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