When pop royalty dresses up, who better for them to emulate than iconic aristocrats? Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Madonna prove that with their eye-catching and dignified looks showcased in music videos, ads, and tour performances. But who looks the best in the high-rise wig?

Selena Gomez showed many sides to her personality in her video for 'Love You Like a Love Song,' but our favorite was when she channeled Mozart. Laying on a purple piano and wearing a floral dress in style of the composer's era, Sel proved that a tall powdered wig can be timeless!

Beyonce lived up to her nickname, Queen Bey, in an ad for her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Intensity was the name of the game as the visual showed the singer preparing for war, or in this case, ticket sales to her upcoming concerts. Lots of sultry stares and a crazy corset contraption were the perfect accents to Bey's grey wig. Pop music hath no fury like Beyonce on tour.

Katy Perry took on the appearance of a legendary ruler to shill her new perfume, Killer Queen, to us peasants. Rocking a tall, white wig that would give the ill-fated Marie Antoinette a run for her money, Katy gasped and gave a few wide-eyed stares before the camera cut to show her faux tresses falling to the grown. End scene.

Madonna is always one to bring the drama and her performance of 'Vogue' at the 1990 MTV Awards was no exception. Madge also channeled Marie Antoinette for her 18th century-themed show. The superstar's sky-high powdered wig was adorned with feathers -- perfect for the Queen of Pop.

Who's over-the-top headpiece do you like the most? Vote for your favorite "wigged out" singer in the poll below!

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