"Do you know what happens when you eat Activia?" a female announcer asks at the beginning of Shakira's 2014 Activia yogurt commercial. Well, apparently Shakira's stomach turns into a magical woodland forest filled with multiple versions of the sexy singer. Say what?

The concept may be slightly hilarious, but it kind of works. Shakira looks effortlessly stunning, with her blonde hair loose and wavy. Of course, she looks as toned as ever, with a bejeweled forest green cutoff top and a matching jungle-esque skirt. As she sways to her new tune 'Dare (La La La)' (off of her upcoming self-titled album), she looks down-to-earth and gorgeous.

Shakira's Activia spot is part of a campaign by the yogurt company to appeal to a younger audience. The digestive-friendly yogurt is usually associated with Jamie Lee Curtis and aimed at an older generation, one way more concerned about their digestive health than ours. But hey, if Activia can make all of us look like Shakira, then sign us up!

Watch Shakira's 2014 'Dare to Feel Good' Activia commercial above.