"Something big, I feel it happening, out of my control / Pushing, pulling and it's grabbing me, feel it in my bones," Shawn Mendes sings on the chorus of 'Something Big.' The lyrics are basically a description of his life right now -- especially with the release of his new music video!

Shawn Mendes' 'Something Big' video is the perfect way to celebrate the Vine star's incredible success. Not only is the vid practically one awesomely giant party that we wish we were invited to, the progression of the vid kind of imitates the teen star's rise to stardom.

"It's like that feeling when you're just about to kill it / Take that last shot you know you're about to hit it," he starts out singing, walking down the street joined by just a few of his friends. However, as the song swells, more and more people start to follow Shawn, mirroring his success. Of course, in his life, he's now at his 'Something Big' moment, which he celebrates by throwing an all-out party towards the end of the video. Woohoo!

Feast your eyes on Shawn Mendes' 'Something Big' video above.