Away with you, roadblocks and obstacles — Shawn Mendes' newest single, "Nothing Holdin' Me Back," has made a huge splash just hours after its release.

The single, included on the Illuminate deluxe edition, pairs Mendes' signature choppy guitar strumming with trop-house effects decorating a particularly aggressive chorus. The golden boy visage slowly slips away...

"I wanna follow where she goes, I think about her and she knows it / I wanna let it take control," Mendes gently croons before taking a big breath and expending hoarse bellows.

The singer told Billboard on April 18 that the song, noticeably more assertive than previous work, is the true tipping point between where he's been and where he's going.

"The minute I wrote this song I knew I wanted to get it out before my tour started, to give fans something new and fresh in addition to everything from Illuminate," Mendes said in a statement. "I can't wait to perform it on the tour, and for everyone to hear it. It's equal parts what is amazing about this album, and what I'm so excited for about the music I have coming up next."

And it seems Mendes' fans are equally as pumped. Almost immediately after its release, the song shot to No. 1 on iTunes' charts ahead of the likes of Zedd and Lady Gaga. "#1! Thank you!!" Mendes wrote to eager feedback from fans.

"you deserve this so much shawn, this song is truly amazing," one wrote while another noted "SO WELL DESERVED!! Congrats, the song is such a jam."

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