Photographic Proof Sia Has a Face

If you've been following the meteoric rise of powerhouse songwriter and pop singer Sia over the past few years, then it's no surprise that the artist is legendarily private about her personal life. This is no more apparently evident than in the fact that she literally hides her face behind a wig each and every time she performs or makes an appearance.

In fact, Sia doesn't even appear in her own music videos, often enlisting the help of others to play her role, like prodigal child dancer Maddie Ziegler, who has appeared in the artist's "Chandelier," "Big Girls Cry," and "Elastic Heart" videos. Sia's live performances, particularly television performances, are one and the same, with the singer-songwriter usually being portrayed by a plethora of celebrity guests, including the likes of Kristen Wiig and Lena Dunham.

In 2013, the press-shy Australian artist famously appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine... with a bag over her head. Earlier this year, she also appeared on the cover of Interview magazine, this time her head swathed in a massive pouf of white cotton candy hair, masking everything but her nose and lips.

Despite all of this mysterious facial hide-and-go-seek, Sia Furler does, in fact, have a face. And yes, it's a human face, a quite cute one I might personally add. A quick perusal on Google image search will prove this, and one need only to look at the cover of the artist's 2010 fifth studio album We Are Born to see that yeah, it's there.

But since opening a new browser to tab to do an image search is sooo annoying, we figured we'd be nice and provide a gallery of the many unobstructed faces of Sia for you above.