Fans of the panned Suicide Squad, starring Jared Leto, Will Smith and Viola Davis, aren't criticizing DC Comics for outputting a crap movie, they're criticizing the critics for identifying it as such.

The film, which holds a score of 33 percent on critic aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes (not great, in other words...), has been called "so-so" by The New York Times, a "load of hooey" by the AV Club and "the year's most muddled piece of storytelling" by New York MagazineBut die-hard fans aren't buying it, and have gone as far as to launch a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes for what they're calling unfair treatment of the movie.

Started by Egyptian fan Abdullah Coldwater, the petition aims to eliminate Rotten Tomatoes because critics "always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust bad reviews." The movement has already amassed more than 10,000 signatures, and has pointed to the critically reviled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a secondary example of critics treating the DC universe unfairly.

Still, as one supporter pointed out in the petition's comments section, Time Warner owns both Rotten Tomatoes and DC Comics, making a potential, pre-existing vendetta against its own films preeeeetty unlikely.

What do you make of the petition, and have you seen Suicide Squad? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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