Back in 2009, Korean boy band Super Junior shook up the K-pop industry with their hit “Sorry Sorry.” It was an addictive R&B-infused pop tune that came with a viral dance, and it shot the then 13-member (sometimes 15-member) act to the top of the scene. Yet, it was their follow-up track, “It’s You,” that truly caught my attention all those years ago, sliding itself—and its rhythmic production—into my heart forever, solidified as what the ultimate K-pop love song should sound like.

With a staccatoed, clapping beat and breathily whispered repeats of the phrase “It’s You” in Korean, the song starts softly before rapidly building into a percussive, synth-fueled dynamo. A beat drops, and, along with a “tic-tock” hook, it explodes into a soaring chorus that emulates the passing of time described by the lyrics.

Across their albums, Super Junior has traditionally balanced a path that’s seen upbeat—and occasionally downright quirky—singles paired with sentimental b-sides. “It’s You” blended the two sides to the group, resulting in a flourishing song that has withstood the test of time through lilting vocal runs, delivered by lead vocalists Yesung and Kyuhyun, and effusive melodies that fused the baker’s dozen of voices into a harmonious track.

Now, nearly a decade since “It’s You” was released, this Super Junior song remains a powerful listen, as well as one of my go-to K-pop love songs to listen to on Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, here are a few recent releases that I’m also listening to this February 14:

iKON, “Love Scenario”

Oh My Girl, “Love O’Clock”

Younha, “Parade”

Chu (Loona), “Heart Attack”

BTS, “Outro: Her”

EXO, “Electric Kiss”


Dynamic Duo feat. Suran, “Bongjeseon”

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